2023 State of Malware:

Learn About The Top 5 Cyberthreats & Digital Risks to Stop in 2024

Last year was a huge warning sign and wakeup call. 71% of companies worldwide were affected by ransomware in someway shape or form, there were 25,000 vulnerabilities found and recorded, and one cybercriminal gang became brazen enough to demand $50 million from their victim.  This isn’t anything new, but this is something that continuously grows and impacts more businesses year over year. 

If you’re trying to manage and monitor possible threats internally, there are 5 key elements you should watch for and monitor.  

Malcare created a detailed break down of the 5 most dangerous threats businesses faced in 2023, including LockBit and SocGholish; and in this repot they dissected how each of these threats are delivered, where and how they spread, what impacts they have, what these threats destroy, and then the best practices you should implement to protect against these digital threats.

2023 Key Findings of Malware & Digital Risks

  1. Looking at the dramatic 300% increase in new malware delivery methods when compared to 2022.
  2. These new methods have also introduced the emergence of attacks that don’t rely on malware; we look at what that means and the new practices on how to catch these new risks.
  3. Proof of why security people or teams are just as important as a security program or software. We evaluate why both our critical for full protection.
  4. How you can stop malware, including what Europol called “the world’s most dangerous malware to date.”

Educate and Learn How You Can Protect Yourself & Business Against Malware

Understand how things such as the most dangerous mobile threat, in this case Androids, can upend an entire business and how a devious cybercrime campaign on Windows involves in-depth reconnaissance to deliver damaging malware attacks to any network.

Malcare also reveals what ransomware gangs are now experimenting in order to break in and penetrate your business, including their offers to “recruit” employees as internal threats.

Malcare famous for catching virtually any threat, including many that others miss. Pairing their leading solutions with digital marketing team to monitor, fix, and manage your digital elements created a security blanket around your business. Malcare’s 2023 State of Malware report is tje first step in preparing you to beat these threats including those most feared.


Real Malware and Ransom Examples:

LockBit by the numbers


Malcare is an industry leading provider of proactively monitoring malware and other threats that could impact your website, business and overall digital presence. When working with Prospecks we provide a Malcare license to each client who signs up for our website monitoring and management services. 

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