Video has become one of the most important elements for marketing, and it’s offered on just about every digital platform. Video enables users to be entertained while still being educated, especially for anyone who is a visual learner. In a 2018 survey by Hubspot, 54% of consumers say that they prefer to see video content from a company when compared to typed content. For a small business, video can also give you an edge over the larger corporations. A large brand may have to wait weeks before publishing a piece of content due to the approval process, but for a small business, you can be much more proactive, and get a video out far more quickly.

So, as you can see video production for small business is an excellent tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

Regardless if your looking for a corporate commercial, company overview, or even a product demo animation, we ensure you video entertains your audience and draws them in. Your videos should leave them wanting more or prompt them to take action. This is achieved by planning and preparation to ensure your providing value in your video.

The first question we ask is how do you want your brand to be perceived. Consider your approach, some prefer the comical style videos, while others might want to be more forward and educational. This is the voice of your brand, so we explore how you wish to portray your message; that’s what helps guide the entire video production project.



These videos are a great way to introduce your company. These are usually short videos that gives a broad overview of the company and the services or products you offer. Typically this vide includes info on your company’s purpose, a bit about your history, or even a message from the CEO. These types of corporate videos are aimed at helping people to understand and engage with your company.


These videos focus on promoting a particular product or service. A promo video is often showcased online and targets a specific audience in order to be most effective. However, these videos can also work well on television broadcasting platforms. Promotional corporate videos help promote brand recognition and brand awareness. These video are also ideal for new product launches.


From 3D product animations to real-world demos, these videos are a great way to visually showcase the specifics of a product or service. With product demos, we typically capture live footage or design a fully 3D animated product rendering; service demos usually range from whiteboard animations to desktop screen capturing or live walk-through explainer videos. At Prospecks, we also provide voiceover services and audio mixing for a complete package.


Featuring someone who has already used your product or service, and is interested in sharing their experience on video is an excellent marketing tool. This is one of the best ways to connect with new potential customers. These videos are built to showcase trust and familiarity. Capturing testimonials from industry professionals, recognizable individuals, or even celebrity testimonials can go a long way to increase the desirability of the product of service.


While each the types of videos we mention here can be used on social media, a video that’s solely aimed at social media is often short and designed for encouraging viewers to share the video on their social pages. What’s important with these, is to highlight your brand more than a specific product or service. This can capture the masses by linking your company to specific events or groups so you cast a wider net. Social media videos are commonly focused on niche specific groups of consumers which makes this format a very effective marketing tool.


Animated videos are a much broader category because they can be used in partial or in full with any of the other video approaches. At Prospecks, we create animated videos for product demos, holiday greetings, corporate explainers, and more. From there, we typically upload these to our clients YouTube page which provides them with a link to share these with their customers or potential prospects. We always share holiday greeting animations and promo animations across each of our clients social media pages.



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