Looking for Houston marketing services? Let’s be honest, you’re probably not interested in reading about us; after all actions speak louder than words, and your ROI speaks louder than actions…right? We saw a need, so we created a solution.

So here’s a quick rundown, we have over 20 years of combined experience across the entire marketing spectrum. Prospecks started out as a small side gig, but quickly grew into a fully functional marketing and creative design agency due to the overwhelming number of client requests.

In a nutshell, we offer a full suite of marketing services in Houston, TX. Unlike other providers who only specialize in one area, we are capable of handling all aspects of your marketing. Our marketing solutions encompass everything that’s required to strengthen the visibility of your brand, and to generate new sales opportunities. With advancements in technology we’ve also expanded outside of Houston and now proudly provide marketing to small businesses in Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and more.

Our clientele has grown by nearly 88% in the past four years, with that so has our areas of focus and industry expertise. Our team works with clients across numerous industries providing an array of specialized marketing services including lead generation (which truly delivers new opportunities), graphic design, digital marketing , branding, and many other needs within the marketing arena.

We pride ourselves on “thinking outside of the box,” and by doing so have received multiple AMA Crystal Awards. We follow all the latest trends, but still set ourselves and our clients apart from the flock. By doing all these things we continue to grow, learn, be innovative, and are always looking to challenge the status quo. This is why our custom tailored marketing services are unique, affordable, and guarantee results, it’s that’s simple.

So, enough about us…tell us a little bit about you.




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  • Keeon Rudder
  • Ryan Barnes
  • John Hill
  • Jackie Ward
  • Brandon Cruz
We really enjoy working with Prospecks!! The attention to detail, responsiveness, communication, industry knowledge, and ability to solve our problems impressed us tremendously. In the end, we got exactly what we wanted with a few extra bells and whistles. I strongly recommend y'all give them a try.

Keeon Rudder
Von Elijah
We have been working with Jared at Prospecks for over 5 years now. From email campaigns to our website, Prospecks manages ALL of our marketing efforts. We've had great success with the email marketing program, which has been the leading tool for generating new business. Our sales team truly values the marketing efforts.

Ryan Barnes
Hemco Industries
We were using another company for SEO and we hadn't been getting the results we were promised. So we decided to find another local marketing professional and a friend referred me to Prospecks Marketing. We couldn't be happier now, for the first time in years we're getting new business from our website. Within a few months of working with Prospecks we saw our traffic increase by 50% and we were ranking high for several new keywords. We initially hired Prospecks just for SEO but they noticed our website was a bit outdated, so they redesigned our site at no additional cost. That's just who they are, they truly care about the success of their clients!

John Hill
VIP Glass
EXCELLENT art work. Exactly what we were looking for - even better. Jared listens to the customer and therefore is "spot-on" with what the customer wants. Thanks again Jared!

Jackie Ward
Ward Furniture
We were referred to Prospecks and have been very happy with the services we received. I personally really like that Jared provides multiple drafted designs to pick from; it's a design process that delivers an end result that the client is 100% satisfied with. Their communication is also excellent. They worked with me throughout each step of the process and I couldn't be happier with my new logo and business cards. I look forward to the next project.

Brandon Cruz
Tricia Turner Properties